Tuesday, 6 September 2011


We are now doing both NHS & Private Flu Jabs:
  • FREE NHS FLU JABS are available for all patients that belong to a GP surgery in Barnet and are either over 65 years of age or have certain medical conditions such as Asthma (on preventer inhalers), Diabetes, and others. Please check with us for eligibility.
  • PRIVATE FLU JABS are available for £15.00 per person.
The Jabs are available for all persons 18 years and above,who are not eligible for free NHS jabs.
  • For the first year, we are also authorised to innocculate expecting women!
  • We have special rates for company employees (10 people or more).
  • Our Jabs will contain the Avian Flu strain plus two other flu strains and stocks will arrive on 20/9/2011.
Please call or email us book now in order  to avoid dissappointment

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